MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014

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It is always lots of fun working on music videos, and even more fun when it’s a song you connect with. When I was asked to direct & produce the music video for the new single by Visage “Happy Hour” I was excited

It’s summer time again! (yup like it is every year) LOL … but the way I usually get summer started is with an photo session I think represents Summer Time in my nation of islands; The Bahamas.


So officially May 18th 2014 made this guy here a full 30 years old and I can only be grateful to God for allowing me to make it this far (compared to the average age in the obituaries). I have had many great experiences in life and a lot of them are tied to my […]

Recently had the opportunity to do a lot of traveling around the islands of The Bahamas, and I must say the beauty of the country is not fading.