TUESDAY, MAY 26, 2015

The Tweet Life


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My Instagram Obsession :::
Hands For Hunger #musicVideo Project done ... shoutout to @annabancroft and @ordainsvision for making it all come together ...#putOurLoveToWork #bahamas #helpingPeople #director #producer COMING SOON

The FDOT Life

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So my Birthday has come again, May 18th every year I take a moment to reflect on life and what I have been able to achieve. This year I have realized a few things but ONE THING IN PARTICULAR is the fact that I am getting old! LOL. Now getting old is not such a bad thing, […]

I woke inspired one morning after seeing so many local carnival groups advertising their costumers for the upcoming Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival and wanted to add some of my magic to the mix.

It always feels good when a new and upcoming brand, trust you with capturing the images that will tell the story of what they do or are planning to do. In light of that when the producers of the A Mouth Full TV show approached me about helping them to do the same, I jumped on it.

Well with Christmas fast approaching I figure what the hey, why wouldn’t I post what I would not mind waking up to on Christmas Day. Now my friends know that I am not a hard guy to please.