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Well with Christmas fast approaching I figure what the hey, why wouldn’t I post what I would not mind waking up to on Christmas Day. Now my friends know that I am not a hard guy to please.

The Bahamas is the most beautiful place on the planet; yes I am bias because I live here. The country consist of 700 islands (no only 20+ of them have people living on them) and I have had the opportunity to travel to just about all of them.

If you know me, you know I love to travel … and this summer was no different. I love traveling internationally, but my best vacations are had right here in my beautiful homeland; The Bahamas. Take a look at my little end of summer get away in the Bahamian island of Harbour Island. Harbour Island […]

It is always lots of fun working on music videos, and even more fun when it’s a song you connect with. When I was asked to direct & produce the music video for the new single by Visage “Happy Hour” I was excited